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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 12, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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google started testing driverless cars late last year. president still at walter reed. neil is out, but trish regan with "your world" coming up next. >> trish: president trump getting ready to depar for andrews air force base after his exam at walter reed. ratest remarks on immigration sparking a firestorm. the dow moves closer to 26,000, up 226 points on the day. what a week. stocks surging, fee yat chrysler offering big tax cut bonuses. trish regan for into neil. how the white house is dealing with the firestorm m a moment. first, more on the tax cut bonuses. deirdre? >> they are affecting different parts of the market. look at bank stocks, up after numerous earnings reports.
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you had retail stocks higher, pushing markets to new highs. you said it, dow getting interest here, near the 26,000 mark, just keeping in mind six days ago we were just talking about the new high of 25,000. s&p 500, nasdaq hitting new records today. strategists saying numerous reasons for optimism, one is strong consumer spending. two-thirds of economic power. this past december the strongest holiday season in seven years. sales including restaurants rose for the fourth straight month, make 20g 17 the strongest year for retail sales, including dining, since 2014. target, kohl's, standouts for the sessions standouts for the week. auto sales not part of that figure but fiat-chrysler closing at a 52 week high. the ceo saying they would invest $1 billion in a michigan plant, and its nonsenior employees get
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$2,000 bonuses as a result of the recent tax overhaul. they say this reflects ongoing commitment to manufacturing in the u.s. he said the company would be hiring about 2,500 american based jobs. tech, huge standout as well, in today's session for many investors, you they're just sticking with the stocks that worked for them best last year. apple, net flexion, amazon touching record highs. adding to the gains, looking at the numbers carried over from last year's performance. analysts, trish, cautioning stocks are getting expensive, in a nine-year bull market. with unemployment at decades-low level companies investing and the american consumer feeling good, there are just as many analysts out there who say the stock market has more to go. back to you. >> trish: pretty amazing. approaching 6,000, and, what, 25,000 was last week. incredible run. >> it was. we hit five new records,
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milestones last year alone. this has been on a tear. >> trish: indeed it has. thanks, deirdre bomb ton. the market -- bolton. the market is ig negotiating the immigration talk that has everyone worked up, focusing on the positive stuff. companies are giving bonuses as a ruchlt tax cuts. the companies will have better earnings as a result of the tax cuts. the economy is picking up steam, growing better 37b%. john layfield joins us now with whether or not it's going to keep going, better than 3%. so far so good, what is amazing, makts up 228 on a day when the mainstream media is obsessed with these supposed comments the president had to make just late yesterday. >> yeah, fortunately being in the market, the market is apolitical. all of this stuff going on in washington, kk, we have a polarized country, the president a polarizing figure. the president previous to him as well. the market is doing incredibly well.
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3% gdp, it had been ten years, a record since gdp was measured, under 3% growth. we're seeing that 3% growth, another year, seven straight years of two million jobs plus created in the economy. seeing global synchronized growth of gdp. the economy, unless there's something crazy happening, this market looks to be good, solid footing for two to three years. >> trish: wow, keep going up from here. if 26,000 is in the cards, what next? >> 13% of economists only see a recession in the next 12 months according to the latest "wall street journal" poll. janet yell lenl said there was not a -- yellen said there was not a recession on the horizon. unless there is a since femic stock, geopolitical event, it looks like this economy is going to be on solid footing for the foreseeable future, two to five years. >> trish: i don't want to get too political, we can talk about it later, i think a lot of
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democrats are looking at this with a chip on their shoulder, they don't necessarily want to see the market doing well, wages going up, has to make it harder for them come mid terms. what do you attribute the growth? does the president play a role? >> yes, he does. you look at the markets, the growth that it had, especially when he first got elected in november. the market was flat for almost two years. then it jumps 8% to 10% when he was e lkted the first month. that was on the trump news he was elected. there's no other rational explanation. you see earnings growth that is taking over. "wall street journal" poll, the same one that measured how many economists see, only 13% see a recession in the near future, looked at how trump affectedle this economy. they give him credit. not all the credit, the economy was doing better, the economy is doing much better, a lot has to do request deregulation and business friendly atmosphere. we have the highest campaign
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spending last year, companies feel good about the environment. >> trish: that will get high given the tax cuts and money can can come back onshore, at least 2 trillion sitting over there, the president estimates it could be 4 frillion. that can come to work for us. a lot of folks on the left, they tell you this has nothing to do with donald trump and everything to do with the ground work that president obama laid. what do you say to that? >> it's political world. but the market was flat for two years, preceding president trump's coming in to office. corporate profits were flat. president trump comes in, market goes on a tear. now that's not 100% attributed to president trump. but a lot of it is. look at bank stocks. bank stocks when president trump came in took a big jump. >> trish: you know why, all of the investors thought hillary clinton was going to win that would have meant more regulation for bank stocks. so once he came in, they said
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hallelujah. >> that would have maents more regulations and meant elizabeth warren was turned loose on bank stakts. hillary clinton not getting elected, elizabeth warren twlaent, bank stocks went out. analysts say because of the tax cuts, earnings estimates should go up 20%. stocks should go up 20%. they've only gone up 7% to 10% since the tax cuts were formalized. should have another 10% rise. >> trish: well, good to talk to you, thank you so much. nice to take out some of the noise now and then and just look at what is happening. john layfield. let's move on to the president's controversial immigration statements. i spoke with former trump campaign chairman kerry line do you ski, i want to share what he had to say. >> this is fake outrage by the liberal left and the mainstream media who doesn't want to focus on the real issue, they don't
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want to focus on the fact we have a broken immigration system this president has pledged to reform. they don't want to focus on the fact this candidate pledged on building a wall in the southern border, we don't have i will lem immigrants coming across the border and killing american citizens. they don't at one time focus on chain migration takes up 44% of all of the immigration in the country. >> trish: is that it, this just one giant diversion? john roberts is at the white house with a look at how it's playing out, mainstream media having a total field day. >> well this if this is fake outrage it's bipartisan. the president is hearing about it from both sides of the political aisle. hillary clinton the late toast weigh in on the report, that president trump said in the oval office something to the effect why are we taking so many people from blank-hole countries. hillary clinton saying the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in haiti, is a day to remember the tragedy on to the
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resilient people of haiti and affirm america's commitment to helping our neighbors. instead we're subjected to trump's ignorant, racist views of anyone who doesn't look like him. the clintons in the wake of the devastating earthquake in 2010, hillary and bill, made pretty big promises about earthquake recovery. many of those promises have gone unfulfilled. the president denies saying the word s-hole in its entirety. in a tweet saying the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough but this was not the language used. now senators cotton and perdue who were both at that meeting coming forward to say they don't recall hearing the president say that. in a joint statement to fox news a short time ago say,ing we do not recall the president saying these comments specifically. but what he did call out was the becamele lance in the current immigration system that does not protect the american workers and national interests. senator lindsay graham also there, did not confirm the language that the president used but did say in a statement that
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he confronted the president about whatever it was that he did say, saying, quote, following comments by the president i said my piece directly to him yesterday. the president and all of those attending the meeting know what i said and how i feel. i've always believed that america is an idea not defined by its people but by its ideals. what happens to daca now? well, according to the president in a series of tweets, a lot more work has to be done. the plan that was brought to him yesterday by senators graham and flake, talked about by senator durbin, nowhere near what the president wanted. the president saying still huge problems with chain migration and ending the visa lottery system. as we see the president boarding marine one there at the walter reed army medical center in bethesda, heading for andrews air force ways where he departs for mar a lago what prompted the president a proposal noted by senators graham and durbin,
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countries whose citizens were given temporary protected status in the united states, el salvador, honduras as well as haiti, some african countries, they said instead of renewing that temporary projection status why don't we make them a priority in the visa lottery system. which then apparently provoked the president to throw up his hands and say what are you talking about, why are we taking peep from these countries and not taking them pr countries like norway. trish, going to be a little bit of he said-she said going on about this. we have got it from multiple sources that's what the president said. inevidentbly, the debate turns to the larger issue, what to do about the so-called dreamers, time is running out. >> trish: absolutely. this is a distraction along the way. but that issue has to be addressed for sure. appreciate the context around the comments. john roberts, thank you so much. you just saw the president leaving walter reed, where he had his exam, heading to andrews air force base where he makes his way on to mar-a-lago for the
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weekend. this is a big thing. but does it give one of the big three networks an excuse to completely, don'tly, ignore a major development that happened on these bonuses? brent is exposing that for you, next. development that happened these bonuses? brent is exposing that for you, next. major development that hap on these bonuses? brent is exposing that for you, next.
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reporting and discussing president trump's controversial immigration comments. but you know how much time they spent covering walmart's tax cut bonuses and minimum wage hike? around five minutes. get this, media watchdog brentd fazell says abc didn't mention walmart once. brett, good to see you. is this a little bias, not to mention such a significant major story? a big part of the news cycle yesterday. >> put it in perspective, during the obama years and going back before that, you have had the left led by the national media doing thousands of stories about the need to increase the minimum wage. as they have talked about that, they've pointed the finger direct lib at walmart. walmart's response all along the way has been that you didn't have the numbers, that would allow it. just didn't allow it. what happened, with the trump
1:17 pm
tax cuts, margins have changed, immediately, in such a way that walmart announces an increase to $11 an hour and massive bonuses to its employees. if this were the obama administration, the media would be at the door of walmart talking about this change and celebrating the result of the economic policies of barack obama. and yet it's not just the bias by commission, what you see in this silly story in the oval office, but the bias by omission where they're not telling the story of what is really going on. this is huge what's happening. >> trish: is it in part because they don't want to see any success out of the trump administration because that might mean success for president trump and possibly another four years? or you know, come mid terms, the republicans might have the upper hand because the economy is doing well? is that in part what's motivating this, brent? >> no, it's not in part, it's 100% why.
1:18 pm
this is the reason why. it's just as simple as this. they loathe this man. they are not going to give him, i've said it before, if he finds a cure for cancer, they'll attack him for not curing aids. there is nothing this man can do they'll give him credit for. your colleague, neil va view toe has been doing stories on -- cavuto say pg the dow hit 25 now, highest number in the history of man, barely got a wink from anybody. this is an explosive economy. this is the media that have been saying donald trump was going to destroy the economy. the evidence is here and nobody is covering it. >> trish: they're still saying it. you have nancy pelosi saying this is effectively armageddon, the tax cut plan, and companies are giving crumbs to their workers. hey, last time i checked $1,000 is $1,000, that's real money to a lot of families all over the country. >> you know, what 1.2% was becoming the new normal, we are told that to get yid for that as the new normal in america.
1:19 pm
now you have top economists saying, scratching their heads, saying is it possible we could hit 4% this year? no coverage. >> trish: you know, there's a variety of reasons for it, in part, well a lot of journalists are a little bored, frankly, by xwhix, maybe they don't understand economics. they'd rather cover the silliness as opposed to covering the substance. what you are saying is beyond that. >> if you go on cnn, won't there a while ago, may have changed a little bit but not much, you go their website, you will see there are 12 stories on the front page, attacking trump for being, the s word or being a racist. there are three other stories attacking trump. then one story on national news. that's cnn's news right now. then their second level is, it's his fitness, physical fitness, about how he may be deranged. >> trish: and abc, one of the major network newscasts, didn't
1:20 pm
bother-to-do anything on the walmart news. >> it's no longer news. >> trish: sadly. not here, though, not here, brent. and not on the fox business network. >> that's why we're here. >> trish: thank you, sir, have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> trish: officials giving new details as to the frantic search for the mudslide survivors continues. we will have the latest for you. you can't predict the market, but through good times and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. not here, though, not here, continues. (avo) help control cravings and lose weight with contrave.
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have got marine one, about to land at joint base andrews, the president will take off for mar-a-lago, where he will be for the weekend, likely another working weekend as he has been known to work through the week end there down in florida.
1:24 pm
you can see, he just returned, is returning from his appointment there at walter reed medical center. will soon be heading off for florida. search and rescue efforts continue for five missing in the california mudslides. montecito, california, here's more from adam. >> hey, trish, five people officially missing. the sheriff department says that can go up and down, it continues to do so. they're hoping there's a sliver of hope they may find some one. behind me see the damage, this massive tree that came crashing down, the rocks you look at for the most part were nowhere near here, they came pouring down the hillside, ripping through the house in the distance. urban search and rescue crews throughout the area. to my left, they've gone through this home, buried deep in mud. when you talk to the sheriff here in santa barbara county, while the likelihood continues to diminish, they still have fully not given up hope.
1:25 pm
>> disaster circumstances, there have been many miraculous stories of people lasting many days. and we certainly are searching for a miracle right now. >> right now, 17 remain -- official number of those killed as young as 3 years old, who lost a brother and a sister, 3 and 10. a married couple in their 80s, elderly couple, from 389. -- from 3 to 89. the boulders here, some of the problems, trying to fix the infrastructure, look at this boulder it is massive. they have to blow it up or leave it where it is. another home buried in five feet of mud at one end, the other end almost normal. so bizarre as you drive around the area. 10,000 people live here, 65 homes roughly destroyed. another 260 have been damaged.
1:26 pm
so it is significant damage. also significant damage as well to the infrastructure. we're told the water system has been damaged pretty significantly. we know that the power, there's lines down all over the mace. there's a lot of areas need to be cleared. in fact this boulder where i'm at, this thing is massive. this thing is 6 feet tall, roughly, this is one of the smaller ones that has to be moved or blown up. evacuation order in effect, for probably two weeks. some areas like this, sick antly longer. there's going to be cleanup here, back up one more time, through here, the cleanup here is going to take in somecationing months if not a couple of years. in some places, may never be dug out. truly a devastating effect. that came from the distance. that's where the meyer was, last december. the rains came, roughly 6 inches, poured everything down the hillside and took out these homes. going down to the beach, to highway 101, took out everything
1:27 pm
in its path. >> trish: devastating, really sad to hear especially when you think of the four little kids. thank you adam housley. i want to go right now to a live picture from joint base andrews, you can see the president is about to get out of marine one there, because he will be heading down to na to march a la go for the weekend -- heading down to mar-a-lago. had a day of it and night last night getting hit by every single side. the left and right up in arms about his comments which he said he didn't actually make specifically. the comment about, well, one word i should say that has been repeated over and over again, i need not say it, you know what it is. he said he didn't say that. the context as our john roberts pointed out surrounding this was effectively that he's frustrated. we don't have more in the way of a merit-based system. as we try and come to some kind of resolution, in terms of what to do about daca, he wants to end chain migration, he wants to
1:28 pm
end the lottery system, and he wants to have a merit-based system, much like by the way the rest of the world actually has. it's not so easy to get citizenship in many, many other countries. canada included, in fact. you have to prove your worth. perhaps the system going forward would be for us to say we need nurses or we need doctors, they're training nurses, well educated nurses in the philippines, let's seek those nurses out as opposed to randomly handing out lottery tickets because we somehow think we need more immigrants from afghanistan. he really wants to revisit all of this, reform it, change it, you see him there getting off of marine one. he will have a busy weekend ahead. likely receiving plenty more criticism throughout the weekend, as brent fazell told us, he can't do anything right, as far as the media is concerned. don't want him to succeed. they don't like seeing the market at levels such as we're looking at near 26,000, can gdp
1:29 pm
growth better than 30%, wages increasing hundreds and hundreds of companies coming out and saying they'll raise wages. walmart included in that. the reason why, they do not like him. if he succeeds that's a problem as far as they see it. they also would hate to see, perhaps, the republicans succeed in mid terms. if the economy is doing well, do not forget ultimately people do vote their pocketbooks. the economy, the markets have a big effect on everything. again, he's getting on to air force one where he will take off for the entire weekend where he will be in mar-a-lago. more after this. liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy... right? yes. ellen.
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fever, chills, and rash. help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. >> trish: not all stocks being green, shargs of facebook down more than 4%. this after the social media giant said it was changing its news feed. we will have more after this. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup.
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let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness. >> trish: looking at a live picture there of joint base andrews, air force one about to take off with the president in it. for a weekend trip to florida. coming after the white house decided to waive sanctions against iran at least for the time being. let goes to fox business network at the white house with more on that. blake? >> hi, trish. the white house announcing via paper statement that the president would be waiving sanctions against iranians it relates to the iran nuclear deal, that he is doing so he
1:34 pm
wants to work with european allies. form some sort of new agreement that would fix, he says, the flaws that he sees and the original iran nuclear deal agreement. this was a very lengthy statement from the president today and in part he explained it this way, saying, quote, this is a last channels in the absence of such an agreement, the united states will not again waive sanctions in order to stay in the iran nuclear deal. and if at any time i judge such an agreement is not within reach i will withdraw from the deal immediately. now, the president also said that he would look to work with congress potentially on a bipartisan teal for a way forward -- deal on the way forward. that would have to include four central tenets. . first immediate inspectionsal all sites. ensuring iran never possess as nuclear weapon, dogs not have an explagues date and draw nos distinction between nuclear and missile programs. the president in a tweet saying that this was a, quote,
1:35 pm
desperate attempt to undermine a solid multi lateral agreement. now, in a completely separate measure, unrelated to this, the treasury department also announced it would be sanctioning 14 different individuals and entities within iran. this relates to the iranian government crackdown on protesters there over the last week. the treasury department also sanctioning the head of iran's judiciary n a statement the treasury secretary saying the united states will not stand by while the iranian regime continues to engage in human rights abuses and injustices. trish? >> trish: thank you, blake. all right, well we all know about the big companies giving bonuses bought of the gop tax cuts that we have been talking about for the last couple of days. but it's not just big companies. turns out are the bosses of the smaller companies are also handing out extra cash to workers, too. including none other than steve
1:36 pm
calfer chairman of flemington car and truck, giving every employee $500 bonuses. that is great. i love hearing that, i love hearing that. >> if you liked hearing it you should have had the feeling i did when i met with my general managers and said we have tax reform, we're not sending the money to washington, we're going to send to it people who create the income for us, our employees. flemington car and truck country gets it. >> trish: what did your employees say when they heard this? >> it was a mixture of applause, they were stunned, applause, but let me give you an ek co-tall stories a single mother comes up to me and says with that $500 i have a too is bill on my table. nancy pelosi doesn't understand that. but my employees do. i had a technician hug me, because he spent too much money for christmas. but those go on and on. that's what tax reform does.
1:37 pm
>> trish: you mention nancy pelosi, i've suggested that she is going to go tune in history as the marie antoinette of the democratic party. talking about $500 or $1,000 being crumbs, what she doesn't realize is that the majority of americans don't have the money for their car should it break down next week. they don't have any extra savings stashed away. $500 or $1,000, i want to play in, this case you missed it, everybody should hear. this here is nancy pelosi. >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the smoodz shmooze on, is so pathetic, it's so pathetic. >> trish: is that what you're doing, putting the shmooze on, as she would say? >> no, we gave our hard, cold, cash where it belongs to the people that work for us instead
1:38 pm
of sending to it washington. she won't pick up crumbs because her louie vitton shoes will get dirty. >> trish: this is in part why the president succeeded. there is a division there, divorce, between these politicians that live one kind of life and the people that they're supposed to be serving. the people, frankly, that are employing them. nancy pelosi is one of the biggest examples of that. she has had a very sheltered existence, very wealthy existence, and $1,000 is nothing, perhaps, to her. but it is real money to everyday americans. there isn't one walmart employee out this that isn't thrilled just as you said your employees are thrilled. let me go further, let me ask you this, when your employees make the connection between we go the this money as a result of the tax cuts, are they willing to look past, well, some of the
1:39 pm
quote unquote deficiencies that many see in donald trump, in other words when the media is talking about he said this, that, and the other do they say to themselves, i got $500 more because of what he did. >> this is about reality. and reality is a paycheck. reality is making certain that everything counts. and it's flemington car and truck country. our employees are making the connection. government doesn't pay them. our customers pay them. and the company cares about them. so when you say how's that going to relate, it is simple. it is and it will. >> trish: you gave me your company coin, your motto, to be kind, be fair, work hard, earn money, and do good. >> that's what we do every day. that's what entrepreneurs do. forget the headlines. forget the sensationalism. this is about families, it's about capital formation, it's about the future. and that is why we gave the bonuses. we weren't looking to be
1:40 pm
gratuitous, we were looking to be real. >> trish: let me tell you, congratulations, good for you, happy that that woman can pay that tuition bill. >> and i want to thank my partner for helping me do it. >> trish: kentucky becoming the first state on get the right on work requirements for medicaid recipients. how is the governor responding to critics who call it heartless. matt bev-in is next.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
>> trish: hours ago kentucky becoming the first state to get approval to require medicaid recipients to work. the state's republican governor matt bevin joins me right now by phone. governor bevin, you're getting criticism for this. why do you think it's the right thing to do? >> it's interesting, criticism always comes from liberals, they have no solutions, they are writing failed policies. anyone who proposes an alternative is quick to receive their scorn. i believe it's the right thing to, do i grew up in poverty, i grew up with no access to
1:44 pm
healthcare coverage for the first 209-something years of my -- 20-something years of my life. i was an active duty army a officer before i had access. as administrator virma put it, it is soft bigotry. low expectation is not what people in america need. the dignity that people get and receive from the opportunity to do for themselves, to be engaged in their own health outcome, ultimately leads to better health outcomes. when people have a vested interest in anything, they are more likely to care about it, to utilize it, and get the maximum value from it. i am utterly convinced from personal experience that having that opportunity is the greatness of america and we owe it to people to give them that chance to improve their lives. >> trish: part of the problem with welfare is that it becomes a bit of a trap. you know, you can't go to work because you're getting that much from the government. then you just want more from the government. it's that much harder to go to work. you think about say a single mom
1:45 pm
who makes a rational decision to stay home, she may have more money coming in to her via the state, via the federal government, than if she were to go to work and to have pay for daycare and pay for gas et cetera, et cetera, and be aware from her kids. steeples me there should be some kind of in between system, governor, where we're doing what we can to help people to help themselves. and in this one way, via the medicaid reform, a way of doing that? >> absolutely. and it's interesting, this is the first federal entitilement reform we've seen since the mid-90s. this is transformative for kentucky and model for the nation. it will give millions of people in that trap that you just described the opportunity to get out. medicaid, and other entitlement programs, were not intended to be life destinations, not inteblded to be dead ends, they were intended to be transitory
1:46 pm
situations for certainly able-bodied people, people with alternatives, we want to provide those alternatives to them. one of the things in the waiver is exactly that. the ability to come alongside existing requirements and transition people to the private sector, transition them to traditional and commercial healthcare provided by employers. because they're out there working. if for some reason that employer program is not the same that they would have gotten under medicaid that will come alongside and make up the differences costing the taxpayer less. >> trish: and i want to point out, for your sake, that if for example you had a single mother that couldn't work you won't force her to work and take the kids in tow, someone who is very, very ill and couldn't work, that person as well would not be forced. are you talking about able bodied people with time on their hands that can do it. let me go to something else, headlines that the president has been making, since around this time yesterday. what do you make of that, what
1:47 pm
do you think needs to happen on immigration reform, and is this rhetoric going to get in the way? >> honestly i've been focused on two things. number one my meeting with the president as it related to prison reform. then since then, focused on what we're doing as it relates to transitioning medicaid requirements for the first time in america. i have not focused on what his commentary has been on that front. as it relates to immigration. >> trish: i guess you weren't watching cnn then. [ laughing ] >> i have not. i don't spend much of my time watching cnn. >> trish: good answer. that said, you know, i'll fill you in, everybody is up in arms about this, and they're concerned that he said some racist things by suggesting that we would be better off having immigrants from countries like norway as opposed to, say, haiti or other places in africa. do you inthaerpt as a wrasist comment or was he really -- do you interpret that as a racist comment or was he commenting on the fact that, per capita gdp in
1:48 pm
some countries is a lot higher and you have a more educated population than other countries. >> without professing to be an expert on all that was said or certainly can't speak for what somebody meant, here's what i know. so many are quick to decry as anything they don't agree with the comment to be racist f everything is racist we diminish the reality that racism truly exists. i find it offensive as a father of black children and father of white children that people are so quick to be dismissive of certain things and categorize them as racist. i have children that were born both in this country and outside of this country. the fact of the matter is, america is a nation of immigrants, people know. that getting hung up on any vernacular, appropriate, inappropriate, things that might have been said, word choices that might have been different, the reality is this. we as a nation have an obligation and a responsibility to look out for our people first. guy our people, i mean people who are citizens of the united states.
1:49 pm
yet we are a nation of immigrants, we have always been a nation that welcomed people in. the huddled masses and others beside. nobody, including our president to my knowledge, is saying that we should be anything other than that. but what he and i think many others and myself agree with, we have to take care of those that are here first. a nation has a responsibility to protect its bordeborders, its citizens, dictate the rules by which people become citizens. speaking as a governor, and a taxpayer and citizen, as a father and somebody who cares about this, we need to make it easier for people to come here legally and make it harder for them to come here illegally. it's not that complicated. i know that's what our president is fighting for. and i think people should focus on that and not allowing themselves to be whipped off into tizis over some word choice which is what i believe is the catalyst behind this. >> trish: you say that so i will consequently.
1:50 pm
and you make lot of sense. this is a reality we need to focus on as opposed to the circus distractions. thank you, governor, good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> trish: relations with the uk seemingly not okay, trump cancelling a trip to london and the mayor is firing back. where is this standoff heading? , people keep asking me if i miss the mayhem? does waiting around trying to protect your house from a lighting strike give me the same rush as being golfball-sized hail? of course not. but if you can stick to your new year's resolution, then i can stick to mine and be the best road flare i can... what? you couldn't even last two weeks? in that case, consider mayhem officially back. so get allstate. and be better protected in 2018 from mayhem. like me.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> president trump announcing he is cancelling a trip to london to open the u.s. embasse because it's a bad deal. the london mayor saying he is not welcome and finally got the welcome. joining us a national security expert. mark, what do you think of the
1:54 pm
london's mayor's comments? >> i think they are disgraceful. i have worked for politicians for much of my adult life. i can't tell you the number of times we welcomed them to our city or state. we did so as a sign of respect to the office. >> are you surprised by this? he is joining in a chorus of media members in the u.s. spouting their multi-concerns about the president? >> he calling for protests when president trump is supposed to visit. the uk-u.s. relationship is special and it will endure long after president trump is gone. there is a danger or risk making
1:55 pm
too much of this. there are 400,000 uk personnel embedded with the u.s. military. the relationship is still good. there is a risk of making too much out of this. >> let's talk about this embasse. the president comes from real estate. he is criticized the obama administration for selling this thing for what he says was peanuts and enabeling it to be acquired by a development firm that is proposing to transform it to a 137 room 5-star hotel and spa! [laughing]. the president if he knows anything would be what would command a high price for real estate that will become a 5-star hotel and spa. >> absolutely. we know the president of the united states hates a bad deal whether it's the iran deal. remember, in the first 100 days he saved hundreds of million dollars if not a billion dollars for the cost of the new air force one aircraft.
1:56 pm
he is saying this is a bad deal. we should have done it better. that's where the president spoke. make sure we are making good deals for the country moving forward. he won't celebrate the bad ones. >> he didn't like the new deal. a 1.2-billion dollars deal for a new building in a different part of town. always interesting to watch these exchanges much of which happen on twitter. good to see you guys. thank you very much. some of the good things you might be seeing in paychecks from tax cuts. drivers may need extra cash when they fill up. what to expect at the pump next. i have type 2 diabetes.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. >> drivers still are not getting a break to start the new year. the national average for gas rising again this week. $2.50 a gallon. that will do it from here. you can watch me tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. and on monday on the fox business network at 2 p.m. eastern.
2:00 pm
up 228 points on the dow. pretty good stuff. "the five" is next. have a terrific weekend, everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hello everyone, it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> ♪ >> ♪ >> immigration negotiations sidetracked by a storm by a comment by president trump yesterday he claims were not accurately reported. the president said the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough but this was not the language used. what was tough was the outlandish proposal made a big set back for daca.


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